Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

 Buying baby, toddler and kids clothes can be a joy, especially if you set out with a clear idea of the sizing you need. Wriggly babies, toddler tantrums and bored children are all hurdles so get prepared with our kids clothing size chart! We have filtered by age group (including baby and junior) and have included both centimetres (cm) and inches (“). Whether it’s dress sizes or shirts you’re after, check the chart first.

At Pepa & Co, we cater for newborns up to 10 years and have therefore focused this page on these specific ages only. Here you will find your handy children’s clothing size chart with all the dimensions in height, weight, and waist as well as commonly asked questions we receive regarding sizing.

*Please note that the below size chart is average sizing of the garments. For sizing of specific garments please read individual product descriptions for further details or contact our customer service team at







42-46cm / 18 '' 40 cm 3 kg

1-3 months

52-56 cm / 21''

42 cm

3.5 kg

3-6 months

58 - 64 cm / 24''

45 cm

6.5 kg

6-9 months

67 - 70 cm / 26''

47 cm

8 kg

9-12 months

72 - 76 cm / 29''

49 cm

9.5 kg

12-18 months

78 - 82 cm / 30''

50 cm

11 kg

18-24 months

81 - 86 cm / 32''

51 cm

12.5 kg

24 months

86 - 92 cm / 34''

52 cm

13.5 kg


2 years

86-92 cm / 34''

52 cm


3 years

94 - 98 cm / 37''

54 cm


4 years

102 - 106 cm / 40''

55 cm


5 years

106 - 110 cm / 42''

56 cm


6 years

108 - 118 cm / 45''

58 cm


8 years

116 - 128 cm / 45''

60 cm


10 years

114 - 132 cm / 47'' 62 cm -

 We don’t have weights for juniors. As you can imagine, this can vary massively so a parent’s judgement is advised here.

Sizing for Newborns

Newborn sizes are from 0-3 months. That is a height of up to approximately 56cm. Babies will grow a tremendous amount within the first year, and first few months in particular. In fact, you will not grow any faster throughout your life than in that first year. 

At Pepa & Co, newborn sizing is expected to fit across the first three months and possibly beyond this too depending on the child. You will need lots of essentials such as babygrows, bibs, towels and hats; the important element in common is to keep the baby snug and warm. Think sleeping items for 24/7 and this is what your newborn needs. The key with newborns is keeping warm so the all-in-ones (onesies) often have feet already with them. We have matching sets to not only make it easy for you, but to make it easy for your friends to get you the perfect gift!

We have many pima cotton newborn items that are perfect for newborns. This type of cotton is hypoallergenic and resistant to piling, making it not only perfect for babies and newborns, but for premature babies too.

You may find newborn clothing is too small if you have a tiny or premature baby. All newborn clothing should be on the bigger side so you get the most use out of it but there are specific premature clothing ranges to help you along the way. 

It is worth stocking up on garments before the baby arrives but do keep the receipts and tags – newborns and babies can vary massively and you don’t want to fork out for different sizes once the baby is born.

Sizing for Babies

Babies start to develop their own personalities and with this you can begin dressing your little ones in actual clothes! The transition between babygrows and baby clothes is around the 3-6 months (between 58-64cm). From here, you can have bodysuits and rompers which are perfect for babies starting to fidget and move but also offer that comfort they may still need.

Essentials will still be the sleepsuits and all-in-ones, especially around the house but for everyday wear, bodysuits are a great choice. Rather than heading straight for a top, bodysuits are an all-in-one without the legs that will not ride up and is therefore completely comfortable for the little one. 

Now is the time that you can consider shoes as well. Pram shoes are ideal for that time between crawling and walking then you can go to a rubber sole for more confident walkers. We have more about our shoe sizing on this page.

Sizing for Toddlers

Toddlers are generally between 18 months to 3 years (80cm-100cm) although this age tends to vary depending on your perception and how quickly the child is growing. 

Toddler is a great age to dress your child – they have really developed their own quirks and start to have opinions on their dress sense, but ultimately, you’re still in charge! Due to obvious reasons, clothes must be robust; they’re constantly figuring out the world and the clothes face the full-front of this exploration! Expect stains galore…

Sizing for Boys and Girls

During the school years, the growth spurts lessen, and you be investing in clothes and shoes to last whole terms rather than clothes that will last just a few months. At some point, you will find that your child will want to wear their own style (it’s a sorry time!) so buying hard-wearing and long-lasting clothes will help you through this period.

How do Pepa & Co Clothes fit?

This can be a tricky question as children come in all shapes and sizes and the parent will always be the best judge. Our sizing is based on average sizing and we say as a general rule of thumb that our range comes up true to size. If you have a 18 month boy wearing 2 years, then try the 2 years first and adjust if necessary. On all of our product pages, you will find garment sizing advise but your instinct is always the best.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

 If it’s X size, will it last up to X size?

If we have a sizing range, you can expect your child to fit into the clothing for that duration of time. For example, a newborn item that is 0-3 months, you can expect the garment to still fit at 3 months but possibly beyond this too.

If the garment is listed as one size (i.e. a dress that is 12 months), you can expect the garment to fit up to the next sizing option. In the dress’s case, that would be up to 18 months and hopefully exceeding that. 

What sizing would you advise for my child who is X age?

Unless we see the child in person, it is difficult to give you a definitive answer on what size your child will be. For example, toddlers in particular can differ massively in terms of sizing! Our sizing chart is comprehensive but if you need additional advise, we’re available in the phone from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday (GMT).

Do you do alterations?

We do not offer alterations at this minute in time. We do offer made to order pieces from our celebration collection including the christening range and flower girl dresses which we require sizing for. 

How long are your dresses?

This would depend on the style you’re after and even the season as dresses in the winter may be a tad longer. Please feel free to email us at if you  would like specific measurement of an outfit.

Shoe Sizing Chart

For shoes, pram shoes for newborns and babies can come up small so we advise going a size up here. The Charlotte shoes can also come up narrow. For more about our shoe sizing, you can visit the shoe sizing chart. We have a dedicated Shoe Corner in our flagship store in Belgravia and an in-depth shoe sizing page with chart and Q&A here.

Need Further Help?

If you’re still in need of assistance, we’re on hand to help! Please send us a message at Please note that our customer service is Monday to Friday so if you message on the weekend, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can on Monday.